💝Exclusively Yours🗝

“Sometimes the Heart See’s what is Invisible to the Eye….”

Yours Truly🗝

This is probably my most favorite type of arrangement, to be exclusive for a few months to start off with, and go from there. I have mainly been in exclusive arrangements in the past that have gone way past the few months leading into 3-4 years at a time and hopefully we will get the chance to be with each other as one for some time.


Have we spent several moments together with just individualized dates here and there? If we’ve spent quite some time together, and have developed chemistry, I would like to suggest that perhaps you consider an exclusive arrangement. Being exclusive with one another is most rewarding for us both. It not only provides security, but also the discretional needs we both need without going from one date to another. I find it very rewarding for both. We will work out the details that best suits us in our special arrangement.


Exclusive Arrangement Starts at $100K per month with a 3 month commitment to start.

💝 3 Months Exclusively Yours ~ $300,000.
💝 6 Months Exclusively Yours ~ $600,000.
💝 1 Year Exclusively Yours ~ $1,000,000.


🗝 1 Month Exclusive: Contact Me!
All yours, Daddy🥂
50% Due Beginning of Arrangement, remaining throughout month.

🗝 3 Months: Paid in full at the start of our 1st month or 50% to be paid on the 1st of the month to commence the start of our 3 month exclusive arrangement, and the other half (remaining 50%) to be paid on the 1st of our 2nd month during arrangement.

🗝 6 Months to 1 Year Exclusively Yours, the first 3 months is to be paid at the start of our 1st month to commence our arrangement. The remaining spread out evenly throughout our arrangement term together.

If arrangement ends before its course is over, the following next 3 months fee’s are due for breaking contractual agreement.


💕1 Month Semi-Exclusive ~ $20K+
I am still available to my regular clients.
60% Due upfront at first meet to start our arrangement and the rest throughout the month.


💘Must be an existing client
📆 Each Additional Day – $7000 / per day
📜 I require 3 month minimum for total exclusivity & NDA Contract
🛩 All other fee’s; such as travel, accommodations etc, are to be covered by you outside of my rates.