Not All Rules Were Meant To Be Broken!

For our first time together be prepared to show your ID promptly upon meeting. This must be done prior to addressing the Donation. Private Incall – Your I.D. is required for all first time suitors at the time of submitting booking form (please read on booking page what has updated for I.D.). IF for some reason your provided screening info does not checkout, a Selfie w/I.D. + 50% Deposit will be required – but with no I.D. & deposit, I will not accept your booking request. If I have emailed you more than a couple times for this with no response, your appt request will not be accepted, nor any future appts. This is for my safety and comfort and only required on the initial first date. Screening is mandatory for all new clients, as my safety is my top priority. I do NOT see unverified clients. Any requests without necessary screening info (for example, I will repeat this again. Emails containing a simple “Hi”, “Are you available”, “When are you available” or “how much” etc.) will be ignored and deleted. Do not act immature, and avoid submitting much needed information requested to verify you are who you say you are, I will not entertain you, and your disregard = I will block you from any future booking requests.

❣️Any confusion done is on your part for not paying close attention to details when you’ve already submitted your booking request, such as an example: you got my location wrong (all over my website/ads/etc say that I am located in OC). After I have processed and contacted your references, reached out to you etc for screening, it is valid only for 30 days, if you cannot make it to the day you chose I was marking you down for. You will need to schedule your first meeting within this time frame and promptly provide your deposit. After 30 days, your info is discarded and you will need to resubmit a new booking form again with more than 2 references – 4 new references will be needed (not the same ones you provided the first time), and will have a deposit of 50% to provide rather than the normal 30%. This is to ensure you do not waste my time again. If this happens again, you will no longer be able to book with me and will be placed in my blacklist of time wasters. It’s best you book your first time around within the 30 day’s to keep a good impression on me, shall this be the case.

Discretion is extremely important to me, as I would imagine it would be for you too. Therefore, please refrain from getting into my personal life outside of this if I have never met with you. There are still boundaries and you will be blocked and put on a blacklist. Those that have entrusted me enough understand the meaning of discretion and privacy. If you are also a heavy hobbyist, I ask that you also please refrain from contacting me. I have a strict NO REVIEWS POLICY RULE, out of the respect of our dates and to protect our privacy, as what happens on each personal meeting is of the utmost importance to staying strictly only between us two. I do not appreciate reviews, no matter which platform they are on or how positive they may be. Please respect that I see our time together as something special and would appreciate you not exploiting it for the world to read. I am not that kind of companion. I am low volume for a reason. I have class and respect my client’s privacy and discretional needs as well; therefore, I expect the same in return. I cherish each encounter I have with my client’s because there is much value we have towards each other and have meaningful dates. I ask that you respect that and I thank you for understanding.


 I have a NO REVIEW POLICY! All sites that engage in graphic details – TER, EM, ECCIE, USASG, TNA, TOB, etc. I DO NOT wish to be part of that unsavory culture, and it is not the type of clientele I want to spend time with. Many of my clients are uncomfortable in participating in that culture as well. I enjoy the company of true gentlemen. The explicit practice lends itself to misogynistic predators, and much abuse. By accepting any appt with me you hereby agree to respect my no review policy as outlined above. Those that attempt to circumvent will be Blacklisted. Please be respectful of my privacy, and our time together, just as you want your privacy protected. Let’s have fun, and respect each other.

Please be ready for your appt request if you are going to submit your screening info. As this will ensure your appointment time will be booked the requested date and time. After verification, it is only for 30 days, so your appt must be within that time frame. If you submit to book your appointment now and want an appt a month or two later, that isn’t going to work unless it is for a FMTY/Travel arrangement where it makes sense and is required. If verification has been approved and it is difficult to communicate and make arrangements afterwards, I will not see you for any future date, as verification process can be tedious depending on the circumstances it may present, it still takes a bit of my time. Be mindful and considerate when booking. This will only ensure the fun that we both are looking forward to.

Cash Only. The donation should never be mentioned or discussed during any communication together, whether by phone, email, text or during a session. For outcalls place it discreetly in an unsealed envelope on a restroom counter top. For OutCalls, please lay it on the nearest table, and in a public setting in a greeting card or gift bag. The donation must be for the full amount of our scheduled appointment and the word “Gift” clearly written on the envelope.

Any mention of donation during appt will result in immediate termination with no refunds. It’s rude and distasteful, especially when you knew beforehand, and still booked the appt. You make no sense by whining. Don’t embarrass yourself, and show some respect.

Please do not contact me if you are unable to provide a deposit right after screening verification. Without Exception, deposits are required for ALL sessions, new and existing clients, non-negotiable nor refundable! For all new clients, if I screened you via reputable references or P411 (must have a few recent Ok’s), deposit is 30% of donation. Some circumstances of a difficult verification process, references you’ve provided don’t check out and they have never seen you (do not ever list references you have never met in person, there are additional other ways to verify if this takes place), and or lack of deposit being sent in a timely manner within a few hours per request, deposit is 50% of donation. For all existing clients, if we’ve met each other within a year, deposit is 30%, otherwise it’s 50%. For those who have canceled on me once before, it’s 50% or 100% (depending). For flakers that insist on meeting me still will incur the full 100% donation paid upfront. For Same Day bookings, if deposit is not provided within the hour of verification approval, results into paying the full donation amount upfront prior. All ” FMTY” deposit – once available there will be a deposit requirement as well. Deposits are non-refundable, but can be used towards a rescheduling within 30 days from original set appt date. All clients MUST provide deposits to secure the date and wait until the funds are available in my account to meet me. I do this to avoid unforgivable behaviors like charging back. Once screening has been verified and date setup, I will send private instructions on how you can send me your deposit (deposit % only – not full donation, unless instructed to do so) to secure our date. Once I have received it, our date will be confirmed/stamped on my calendar. I have a zero tolerance for unfavorable characters that like to play games, and waste my time! I’ve saved time for you specifically, while others may have wanted same day/time you’ve requested. This is a business, respect your providers or go somewhere else!

Please be respectful and kind with manners like a gentleman. Do not message me sharing explicit or questioning things of this nature. I will end the conversation immediately and not entertain. Communication between us should always be discreet and kept private. Short messages like: “Hi”, “Are you available”, “When are you available” or “how much”, “I’d like to schedule an appt with you” etc. You already know what to do, it’s written right in front of your face how to book. These will be ignored and deleted. Turn off. This is unacceptable and immature behavior.

No endless messaging before appt. No rude, disrespectful behavior. You will be automatically blocked/cancelled!

This works both ways, I respect your time as much as I’d hope you would respect mine as well. For all sessions please pre-book as early as you can, as my availability tend to book up very fast as soon my schedule is announced (please check back often on my “Schedule” page each Sunday for the week and then throughout the week, as things may become unavailable or available after Sunday). By nature I like to plan things ahead and would prefer a few days to a week of notice, and of course the longer the better. The sooner you give me, it gives me a better impression of you. Same-day booking is not my favorite, because it does not allow me enough time to prepare and plan everything out and I am very busy with other things outside of this too. I like to prepare each individual appointment individually and with care. So, I highly suggest you book in advanced, so that we both can be prepared properly and not in a rush. Somethings verification can take a few days to a week or so (depends what is provided) because others also have a busy schedule; for instance other providers I’d need to verify with etc. As much as I appreciate you wanting to see me right away, I just can’t accommodate that for you without having screening done properly to ensure we are both safe and comfortable with each other.

No Same Day or Next Day Appts for New Friends. Once you submit your booking form, there is a processing time along with deposit to ensure you are not a faulty person who harm providers. I like to feel you are one I can trust. If you would like to first book a Social Date for Next Day, there is a possibility that may be accepted, as this is in public setting to get to know each other.

I welcome all P411 members. You are still required to fill out my booking form, as there a variety of services I offer that need specific required details for me to prepare properly, and I need to know who you are as a person. Please do not book your appt through P411, I only accept bookings on my website. Your “OKay’s” are not all that I go by. If your client profile is empty and says nothing about you – then you need to go through a full screening; therefore, it is best for you to fill out my booking form here within my website at “Meet Me” tab. P411 has your private details, and even suggest for us companions to do our own extra screening to ensure we are going to be safe. I still need to know who you really are as person, so I have an idea of whom it is I may be open to meeting. Submitting your I.D. is a requirement (not to judge – I need to know it is really you I am really meeting, and or is visiting my private luxury InCall), and deposits are a requirement, as it is for ALL interested suitors. If your client profile is very well detailed, and verified on P411’s end on certain things, then I may just ask for your selfie w/photo I.D., deposit, and double check with your “Okay’s”. If you are a newbie, incomplete profile, no verifications/Okay’s, no employment verification via P411 Staff, your are REQUIRED to submit ALL INFO stated on my booking form here within, as well as a selfie I.D. As a low volume companion, I am selective about who I will be comfortable meeting, and sharing my intimate world, and space with. Knowing you are confident, and comfortable to submit what is required makes me more comfortable moving forward to meeting you. Hope this helps! xo

Sometimes these are out of our control, even when not meant for it to happen. It’s called life. In the event that this does takes place, I have a policy in place to protect our good standing. If you have to cancel our plans, I request that you pay full donation of our date at the time of cancellation (full amount if less than 5 days). I will give you the option to postpone to a later date within the month. No refunds will be provided, only rescheduling within a the same month. If for any reason that I would need to cancel out of the blue, you will be given the deposit back as a refund only for my cancellation, should this ever occur, (which rarely happens but you never know). If you do not follow this policy and are difficult, or have turned out to be disrespectful in any way, and have violated my personal privacy – you will not be allowed to book any future date with me, and will be blacklisted!

For FMTY/Travel arrangements, it will be a bit different and I will have a cancellation policy available and noted once I am available for this exciting adventure with you. Stay tuned.

I adore men who are well groomed, freshly showered, and well shaven with minty-fresh breath. I spend a significant amount of time grooming and bathing for our encounter and you will be generously rewarded for doing likewise. This is especially important for Nuru sessions. Please do not make an appointment if you have a skin condition that is very contagious, and or any other noticeable problems. If these are found, and I find myself uncomfortable, I will end the session with no refunds at my own discretion.

If you are enjoying your time with me and wish to extend our dalliance, I might be able to accommodate your desire if my schedule permits. In the event I can spend more time with you, please me mindful of my additional donation requirements so that we can extend our time together. And remember, the donation is only meant as compensation for my companionship.

NEVER LIST REFERENCES YOU’VE NEVER REALLY MET IN PERSON!! When presenting provider references, please make sure that she is ok with being used as a reference. Some providers don’t respond at all and some are so great at keeping each other safe by responding promptly, which I greatly appreciate and do the same. There could be many reasons as to why your reference(s) may not be responding back to another provider; 1) A lot of time it could be jealousy 2) She is just super busy either traveling or with local appts 3) she doesn’t like to be used as a reference 4) you never asked is it was ok for you to provide her info as a reference for any of your future dates with another future provider 5) Maybe your date didn’t really go that well and she doesn’t want anything to do with you after your date, even as a noted reference. The list goes on. I find it polite to ask your provider at the end of your date (depending how your experience went with one another) if it is a positive experience, it may be possible to have her as a reference, but always ask first. It’s common courtesy and out of the respect for her privacy as well. For me, I would prefer you to ask me in the end, so that I can let you know in which way she is able to reach me or sometimes I just would rather you not (really depends). On another note, if you’ve seen at least 3-4 other than the 2 to submit, please provide them as well (if approved to), this helps balance out the other references that may not even respond back or if one does respond and the other one doesn’t. Also, never not a provider as a reference if you’ve never actually dated her! If I contact her and find out she’s never met you because you flaked etc, I will either not see you or request a bigger deposit. That just sends a signal of unreliability and the discourtesy of your honesty to both her and I. My time is not to be disrespected or wasted upon checking on references you’ve never actually had an appt with and met in person. I will move on to the next.

References are just one way of verifying you BUT it does not conclude your screening verification process. I still need to know who you really are as a person to know if I would even be comfortable in meeting you. So, yes, provide as much information about yourself and be open, so that I can be open and feel comfortable meeting you for our date. Without any of this info, booking will not proceed until all is provided. Please make it clean and quick by providing all info at the time of submitting booking form. I thank you in advance!

I always make sure I’m at my 100% and fully dedicated to our session for your satisfaction and I expect you to be respectful. I’m very selective of whom I spend my time with and once confirmed I’ll make sure the session and date is amazing. So please do not use lewd or bad languages when booking or you’ll be blocked permanently. Do not force me to do anything I don’t agree to doing during our session and please respect my time and do not overstay or I’ll kindly and politely dismiss you.

I am fully vaccinated, along with the flu shot. I’ve always been low volume and appreciate quality over quantity. With that being said, and now covid, I’ve never seen multiple clients in one day. I much prefer to see one a day or gap out days in between to properly prepare for our appt and gap out between FBSM sessions. I’m also fully vaccinated but I still take extra precautions when it comes to being aware of my upcoming appointments and wear a mask when running errands. When I have appointments coming up, I look forward to each one and the experience it brings and take extra care of myself to ensure that we will both be safe. I hope you would do the same out of the courtesy for me. I hope you are also fully vaccinated or plan to get a negative test with results done within at least 48 hours of our set date. If neither, I kindly ask you wear a mask (depending on appt type and where we are at).

I absolutely love it! Some of my best life experiences have been with the gentlemen I have been able to meet as their companion. I’m very open minded and down to earth. Easily adapt in various environments and people. I know how to hold my own as an individual, and love meeting others with different backgrounds and sharing more of life’s experiences together.